#Afternoon Feature

Lost Heart

by Jeff Joseph

Lost Heart by [Joseph, Jeff]

They were a handsome and elegant couple, the toast of the town. Jill Denton was as admired for her philanthropic accomplishments, as her husband Trip was respected for being heir to one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. As if looks, wealth, and power weren’t blessings enough, they were also deeply in love with one another. Then one evening…everything changed.

In another part of the city where surviving was a daily struggle, Carla Roberts was doing the best she could to hide from her dark past. When it seemed she was finally succeeding, a neighborhood crisis led her to become a reluctant hero. Her act of bravery brought unwelcome attention that not only threatened her very existence, it placed the lives of others she cared about in jeopardy.

In this novel of romance laced with suspense, two worlds close in proximity yet distant in privilege, become entangled by the miracles of modern medicine. When passion takes over for science, will the miracles continue, or fall victim to the harsh reality of life?