#Afternoon Feature

Mum, Watch Me Have Fun!: Inherited Identities

by mari reiza

Mum, Watch Me Have Fun!: Inherited Identities by [reiza, mari]

Abandoned at a posh nursery, five only-children amuse themselves. Sam reads books incessantly and dreams of becoming a loving hero. Coco floats in the air pretending she is a free bird about to marry Paul McCartney, of her own free will. Gabi wants to be George’s nurse on ice-skating blades. Boudicca sets spelling speed records enthusiastically encouraged by Sam, when he is not reading, and dreams of tender ponies. And George dresses up as a hundred different princes and has asked for a mirror. Until one day, they decide to investigate their dysfunctional relationships with their parents and devise their own healing system modelled on Alcoholics Anonymous… A parody about when parenthood goes wrong.