#Morning Feature

The Assassins Club

by Dixon Rice

The Assassins Club by [Rice, Dixon]

This thriller takes place in the early 1970s, featuring two very different killers. Tyler Goode, early 20s and newly moved to Montana after his family perished in a hit-and-run accident, is cornered by the town bully and must kill to survive. Nobody witnesses this battle to the death, and he walks away thinking he did the community a public service – and it felt pretty good. Then the bully’s brother starts stalking him, and Ty realizes he must kill again, except with forethought this time. A month after dispatching the brother, Ty kills once more in order to save a friend’s life. By now, it’s become both a habit and a hobby, with Ty figuring he’s tipping the scales between good and evil after the death of his family.

Alternating chapters present a bearded, thirtyish man who emerges nude from the ocean near Ensenada, Mexico. He meets a woman walking along the beach. Startled, she blurts out, “Jesus! You’re naked.”

He thinks to himself, “So that’s who I am” before killing her and taking her white beach robe. Jesus walks up the coast, killing when it pleases him, and gathers a Manson-like tribe of weak-minded losers. In southern Washington, he turns east, led by the voices in his head.

Jesus will meet Ty when he reaches Montana, but who will survive the encounter?