#Evening Feature

When the Dead Speak: the Art & Science of Paranormal Investigation

by Jean-Francois Podevin

What makes a location, “Haunted”?

Why do ghosts and spirits seem to remain in some places, and is there a way for the Dead to communicate with the living? Paranormal investigator and psychic medium Kitty Janusz says that it is indeed possible and shares true experiences from actual paranormal investigations.

From growing up in a haunted home and with over 20 years experience studying the paranormal field, Kitty shares evidence and stories from her years as a paranormal researcher. Kitty explains the scientific theories behind why spirits may remain in a location and the different types of hauntings.

Topics include; the latest in paranormal investigation equipment and what you REALLY need, understanding and utilizing your own intuitive psychic abilities to connect with spirit, safety and ethics during an investigation, and how to implement scientific methods to become a more credible paranormal investigator.

The Dead are talking…..

Are you listening?