#MostlyHuman Space Opera series

Honey Cantrell was a simple comic book geek before the Celestials came to Earth. Her quiet life gets rocked by an unwanted career change, an alien mating ritual, unfriendly competition and radical DNA splicing! Can she survive the changes forced on her in Mostly Human?


The wild adventure continues in Semi-Human as Honey realizes her changes are affecting her partner, too! Emotions run high as she gets closer to Bo causing a reaction in Sammus she never expected. Bo’s growing affection for the little Human threatens his careful plans and drastic measures have to be taken.


#Evening Feature

Werewolf Legacy: A Paranormal Mystery Romance (Werewolf Detectives Book 4)

by Eve Paludan

Werewolf Legacy: A Paranormal Mystery Romance (Werewolf Detectives Book 4) by [Paludan, Eve, Wilson, Suzanne]

Werewolves. Vampires. A Ghost.

After Tatiana and baby Abram are kidnapped, the werewolf pack is thrown into disarray as the Alpha female and baby Alpha male are nowhere to be found. The pack members are clueless, and Karina and Jack, with help from Babushka, try to solve the disappearance of the two pack members. However, Karina and Jack also have paying investigations coming out of their ears, including some dangerous ones that involve the pursuit of serial killers.

Meanwhile, a ghost from Babushka’s past is haunting the art studio in the pack house. He’s trying to tell them something, but what? It seems as if venomous vampires may have had a part in the disappearances. And as the kidnapping investigation continues, Babushka casts a secret witch spell on a werewolf as Karina and Jack face animosity from the pack, as well as cope with mysteries unfolding that do not bode well for the future of the pack.

When an old enemy of the Romanovs rises up and threatens all they hold dear, will Karina and Jack be able to stop the evil plot that’s been set in motion before it’s too late?


#Afternoon Feature

Treasure of the Pirate Planet (Treasures of Space Book 2)

by S. Evan Townsend

Treasure of the Pirate Planet (Treasures of Space Book 2) by [Townsend, S. Evan]

. . . if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

Rick Bailey is living a nice, quiet life on the planet where he retired, enjoying the money he found in the Treasure of the Black Hole. Without warning, he is arrested for helping his former lover, Jil, break out of prison where she was serving a 20-year term for murdering an alien. Hoping to clear his name, Bailey goes after Jil. But the slime-bed mate of Jil’s victim is also after her.

Now, Bailey’s only hope for saving Jil is to find a treasure buried on a planet over ran with cannibalistic pirates. He teams up with a Core Empire Intelligence Corps officer, but she might have motives of her own. Can Rick save Jil and keep himself out of the clutches of the Core Empire that wants to vivisection him, the police who want to jail him, and the alien who wants vengeance for his brother’s murder?



#UrbanFantasy Series by Antoinette J. Houston

Rita ‘Red’ James and friends realize that life after high-school is more than just getting a job and being an adult. Forgotten memories reveal fantastic abilities and a dangerous past they can’t escape in Red Summer!


In Wil’s Winter, the adventure continues five years later in a nowhere town in Texas.Wil’s trying to deal with the chaotic up and down of his relationship with Red and the failing attempt at having what he thinks is a normal life. Then the past catches up with them again.


#Morning Feature

PHOENIX (The Peradon Fantasy Series Book 1)

by Daccari Buchelli

PHOENIX (The Peradon Fantasy Series Book 1) by [Buchelli, Daccari]

Peradon. A world comprised of four seasonal realms, each with a unique form of elemental magic.

When young Reiza has a disturbing vision, the Ruler of the Winter Realm demands the death of a child; the Flame Realm Princess, Violetta.

Violetta had always found comfort in the form of magic, but a sudden tragedy compels her to view her gift as a curse. She is destined to one day rule the Flame Realm and desires little but to live her own life, free from the demands of others. A courtship with her sworn enemy could be just what she needs to find herself.

With preparations under way for a wedding, the couple is oblivious to the dark forces which lie in wait, preparing to fulfill Reiza’s prophecy by removing Violetta from the world of life.