#Evening Feature

Diary of a Teenage Zombie

by Kristy Berridge

Diary of a Teenage Zombie by [Berridge, Kristy]

To be a seventeen-year-old zombie is no easy feat. Eating flesh and slurping on open vein sources comes more naturally than squeezing pimples or berating the head cheerleader. But for Katie Palmer, dealing with high school nuances after the apocalypse is how she must survive.
Katie’s done well to hide her dietary requirements so far, but someone or something is onto her secret and it’s only a matter of time before zone-sanctioned security take a shotgun to her head.
Dead bodies are piling up and Katie’s blood-stained hands are at the forefront of blame. Will she kill the competition before everyone finally realises she’s rotten underneath or fall apart in an attempt to hide her true nature?