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King of Fools by B.L.Pride

Luke Skaar is a young man who struggles hard to find his place in this world and hides his doubts from everyone – especially from himself. , Loved by women, surrounded with friends, working in a bar, and blowing off steam with his adrenalin filled hobbies, he seems the most careless guy in the world. But he’s not. He’s burdened by the memory of his accident and by the inexplicable things that have been going on ever since. When finally he gets a chance to start anew, his life becomes even stranger. And spooky. On his way to The Farthest Islands, he meets a woman who mesmerizes him completely, and suddenly, he finds himself in a chaos of fear, doubts, passion, and attraction. He tries to get to the truth, but sometimes, the truth is just too much to take.


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