#Morning Feature

Snowflakes in July: A Novel of U.S. Domestic Terrorism

by Warren Bell

Snowflakes in July: A Novel of U.S. Domestic Terrorism by [Bell, Warren]

Domestic terrorists have a highly-placed mole in the Pentagon! Can he get them access to nuclear weapons?

Navy pilot Mike Dusquesne flies a harrowing mission in the China Buffer Zone of North Vietnam. With the sea already in sight, an experimental missile shoots him down.
While Mike languishes in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” prison camp, left wing activists back in the U.S. become radicalized and organize a home grown terrorist organization. Based on their mole’s tips, the terrorists make massive weapons thefts, assassinate prominent moderate leaders, and explode bombs in the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, and police stations. Then the mole electrifies the terrorist high command with details of weaknesses in the storage of Navy nuclear weapons. They immediately plan a commando raid to steal some of the warheads and force the government to submit to their demands.

Back in the Pentagon, now Captain Mike Duquesne identifies a pattern in the mole’s budget decisions that undermine areas of U.S. superiority over the Soviet Union. He enlists Leslie Thomas, a Navy staff lawyer whom he’s come to love, in his investigation. Alerted by her inquiries, the terrorists target her for blackmail based on a youthful indiscretion.

Will Mike’s investigation uncover the plot to steal nuclear weapons before the mission can take place? And what must Leslie endure at the hands of the terrorists before the FBI can rescue her?