Wil’s Winter: Five years later (Red Summer Book 2)

Wil's new cover

by Antoinette Houston

Wil thought they had gotten through the hard part.

They had left Georgia in hopes of starting over. Hopping from hotel to motel, never staying in a town longer than a few months just in case Bobby was still tracking them. That was, until they got to Horsenose. It was a stupid name for a nowhere, one-road town. It was where Wil figured they could start anew, to make a home.

And for a while it was.

But even small towns can have big-city drama and Horsenose was no exception. With nosy townsfolk and Rita’s persistent admirer causing trouble, it wasn’t long before things came to a boiling point for Wil again. Things only got worse when the town’s residents started sharing their own secrets. Not to mention that Bobby had finally caught up with them. Winter was coming and it was going to be a long one.