#Afternoon Feature

Shades and Shadows: A Paranormal Anthology

by J. Aurel Guay , E. Branden Hart , Ginger Mann , Marian Rosarum , R. M. Ridley , Scott E. Tarbet , Scott William Taylor , Eric White , Neve Talbot

Shades and Shadows: A Paranormal Anthology by [Guay, J. Aurel, Hart, E. Branden, Mann, Ginger, Rosarum, Marian, Ridley, R. M., Tarbet, Scott E., Taylor, Scott William, White, Eric, Talbot, Neve]

In the dead of night, you sense something . . . other . . . beyond your sight, out there in the darkness. You feel a breath upon your neck, cold and clammy, fecund with mold and decay. Your hair stands on end from no random chill. The air is still. No one is there.

Travel with nine talented writers into their paranormal world, but don’t disregard that inkling that niggles somewhere in the pit of your stomach to leave the light on, to shun that dark room, and to pull the covers over your head.

Whatever you do, don’t look under the bed.