#Evening Feature

Guardians of Eden

by Matt Roberts

Guardians of Eden by [Roberts, Matt]

Two decades after the lights went out and Earth descended into chaos, humanity has found a new home, light-years away on the planet of Altaris. The people of the new world live in peace and prosperity, surrounded by fifteen of the greatest cities ever to have existed, but is there more to this paradise than meets the eye?

Special Officer Owyn Carter works for ISO, a secretive branch of Altaris’ military dedicated to maintaining the peace from the shadows. Their operatives are all exceptional soldiers, having fought through years of hardship back on Earth to get here, yet – confined to their orbital headquarters, hundreds of miles above the surface – they are disconnected from everything happening on the planet below them. When their leader suddenly vanishes after one final big mission, Owyn is forced to begin trying to unravel a mystery that digs right to the heart of Altaris.