#Morning Feature

The eGirl

by Michael Dalton

The eGirl by [Dalton, Michael]

You may have read fembot stories before. But you’ve never read one like this.

Paul Dawson lost his wife in a tragic car accident 18 months ago, leaving him alone to raise his three kids. Lonely but still bereaved, he’s been unable to find a way past his grief, and Paul’s kids—especially his teenage daughter Alisa—have resisted his efforts to begin dating again.

One afternoon at a football game, Paul wins a robot in a corporate promotion. But this robot—the new Vertex eGirl 5—is unlike anything Paul or anyone else has seen before. Possessed of true artificial intelligence and a suite of other groundbreaking abilities, Paul’s eGirl, whom he names Selena, is soon upgrading Paul’s life—in and out of his bedroom—in ways he never expected.

As Paul and Selena grow closer, and Selena begins healing the damage in his life and those of his children, Paul must make a decision about just how far he can let himself care about a robot—even one as advanced as Selena.



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