#Afternoon Feature

The Maze’s Amulet (Magepunk Chronicles Book 1)

by Kristopher Miller

The Maze's Amulet (Magepunk Chronicles Book 1) by [Miller, Kristopher]

Elza del Toro has seen better days. Running a protective charm shop, named The Magick Maze, in the most dangerous area of town is the least of her worries, but she also has to deal with a terminal magical illness. Every time she casts a spell, a necessity for any witch, she experiences severe pain that can only be alleviated by a green amulet hanging around her neck.

One day, a boy on probation, Noah, is sent to work in her shop. Noah’s about like any other punk dark witch kid she’s encountered, save that the boy practices a special magical art that makes objects transform into other objects and dance to its creators’ command. Harboring nostalgia for this art, Elza decides to help him. But when a powerful mobster wants control of her shop, can Elza save herself and the boy thrust in her employment?