#Morning Feature

Brotherhood of the Blade: The First Three Books

by Eve Paludan

Brotherhood of the Blade: The First Three Books by [Paludan, Eve]


Vampire hunters.
A missing girl…

In BURNING (Book 1):
What would you do if everything—and everyone—you loved was taken from you?

Rand Sebastian, ex-Navy SEAL, is about to discover that diabolical evil exists. When vampires come after him and his family, his daughter is kidnapped and his world is turned upside down.

Now, he will do anything to stop the vampires. He joins the legendary Brotherhood of the Blade in a remote castle in Switzerland, and with Ambra—his vampire hunter partner who is as beautiful as she is deadly—Rand will learn all the skills necessary to destroy the vampires who prey on humans. And he will use all of the Brotherhood’s resources to comb the world to find his missing daughter.

In AFTERGLOW (Book 2):
A vampire hunter returns to the castle as a vampire. She’s now very dangerous, but she’s asking for sanctuary. She reveals intel that leads Rand on a mission to Romania to seek his kidnapped daughter. Planning a one-man invasion, Rand is stunned at what he discovers—it will take all of his courage and training to go up against the most evil vampire who ever existed.

In RADIANCE (Book 3):
Will the Brotherhood of the Blade be forced to recruit a vampire into their vampire hunter ranks?

When Rand Sebastian fights Delilah, an ancient vampire, she reveals something so shocking that it nearly destroys him. But is it the truth?

When he considers hiring a vampire to join Brotherhood of the Blade, it will set in motion a series of events that will test his fighting skills and his belief that goodness will always triumph over evil.

Samantha Moon, the vampire detective from J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire series, lends a hand in developing tactical weapons to fight vampires—and tries to help Rand find his kidnapped daughter. But time is running out and the clock is ticking…