Evening Feature

Spider (A Dark Web Book 1)

by Michael Dalton

Spider (A Dark Web Book 1) by [Dalton, Michael]

A deeply jaded ex-CIA agent with a long-held grievance. A disillusioned politician’s daughter, called to account for her father’s sins. A teenage prostitute in a hopeless downward spiral.

San Diego lawyer Cassandra Dunne is trapped in a world she wants no part of, with a father whose career has controlled the entire trajectory of her life. But when she is yanked out of this existence by a dark man with a terrifying past, she must re-rexamine everything she thought she understood about herself and her father.

For the man holding her is no run-of-the-mill kidnapper. He was once of the CIA’s most dangerous agents, a man whose moral compass has been destroyed by a decade of torture and murder—and the methods he honed at the behest of men like Cassandra’s father he soon turns on Cassandra. Confined in a mysterious cell in an unknown location, tormented by a teenage girl whose behavior makes little sense, Cassandra can only survive by coming to understand the true meaning of freedom.

Redemption is there. If only she can take it.