#Indie #SpaceOpera

Mostly Human

a space opera

by Antoinette Houston


Honey Cantrell was a comic book geek who enjoyed hanging out with her arcade-hopping friends. Then the Celestials arrived and Honey was thrust into a life she thought only happened in comics.
Honey had barely adjusted to her new life when things take a turn for the worst.
Her humanity was at risk.
With her future up in the air and no one to confide in, she attempts to be as unsociable as she can…until she meets her new partner, Sammus. Now she’s forced to deal with unexpected feelings, jealous squad members, a plot for revenge, and a dangerous alien mating ritual.
All Honey wanted was to be invisible but it’s getting difficult. Can she build a relationship with Sammus? Trust her classmates? Lead a ship filled with aliens? Most importantly, can she learn how to thrive in this new body, now that she’s only Mostly Human?


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