Evening Feature

Dancing In Darkness

by Sherrie Weynand

Dancing In Darkness by [Weynand, Sherrie]

When twenty-eight year old Priscilla Barnes reaches the end of her financial rope and faces homelessness, she decides to accept her best friend Megan’s job offer to become an exotic dancer at Nina’s Place. The question becomes, will she survive long enough to find her way out of financial despair and into the arms of the man that loves her?
Police find the body of a woman who dances with Priscilla and the body count rises from there. All exotic dancers, all from the same club. Priscilla meets wealthy Adam Linston, and agrees to be hired on as a private dancer for an exclusive member’s only club. Things start to fall apart when Megan is found murdered as well. Adam becomes Priscilla’s source of safety when she finds herself the killer’s next target. As Detectives Beth Tony and Mike Ward attempt to track down a monster before he kills again, it becomes apparent that things aren’t always what they seem. Will the love that is growing between them, along with her sheer determination be enough to save her and if she does survive, would she finally be able to admit her love for this man?