Author of the Week -Simon Smith-Wilson!

Simon Smith-Wilson

Simon Smith-Wilson is the author of twenty-one books. He writes captivating stories in a wide range of genres. Simon enjoys writing dark conflicting stories that test the spiritual, physical and psychological limits of his characters. Book lovers will love exploring the unique worlds that Simon has created. Join the epic dystopian City of Sin series and experience life in this post-apocalyptic world of cannibals, corruption and gangsters. Survive the Zombies series as a talking zombie hunts down his adulterous wife, as mysterious rocks fall from space. Unlock the secrets of Prisoner 3-57 and the mind altering prisoner experiments, which make him question every single aspect of his reality.

Prisoner 3-57: Phantom Soldier

by Simon Smith-Wilson

Prisoner 3-57: Phantom Soldier by [Smith-Wilson, Simon]

Prisoner 3-57 awakes in the middle of a brutal battle, on an alien world, in a body that is not his own. He has memories of a life he has not lived. This stone cold killer sets out to finally discover the truth that they have kept hidden, as his consciousness is transported into the minds of innocent people. Confusion consumes Prisoner 3-57, as his urge to survive is battling the compelling need to rescue the loved ones that he has never met. His mind starts to rip apart as Prisoner 3-57 is transported from one body to another. With each leap of consciousness new memories form in his mind, slowly erasing the identity of Prisoner 3-57. The shocking secrets of the Phantom project will be revealed, as the greatest soldier humanity has ever witnessed leads the charge into alien worlds in his final push for freedom and the truth.