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World Weaver (The Devany Miller Series Book 4)

by Jen Ponce

World Weaver (The Devany Miller Series Book 4) by [Ponce, Jen]

Mistakes have a way of sneaking up on a person and biting them in the ass. Devany Miller knows from first hand experience just how unforgiving and long-lasting mistakes can be.

Her search for her daughter is all-consuming, but that doesn’t stop the rest of her life from falling apart. Her son needs her attention, her father is wearing himself out searching, and the Witch’s Council is doing its best to make sure she never gets near her daughter again.

She’ll have to go to desperate lengths to find her daughter and there’s no guarantee she’ll find her alive. It’s enough to make the strongest person despair, but Devany has never claimed to be strong. She’s just too stubborn to quit.