#Evening Feature

Seal of the King: A Fantasy Novel (Thrilling Action & adventure Fiction Book 1)

by Ralph Smith

Seal of the King: A Fantasy Novel (Thrilling Action & adventure Fiction Book 1) by [Smith, Ralph]

An epic adventure in the battle between good and evil

A prophecy foretells of their showdown with the dark one. Separated by two worlds, will these two star crossed lovers have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world?

The battle between dark and light rages and the world is on the cusp of a tipping point. Will an age of darkness befall mankind or will the light prevail?

David and Aurora have seen visions of each other their entire lives but never met, until now. Aurora a fearsome warrior and David a simple farmer are thrust into the heart of the battle. An ancient prophecy foretells of their final showdown with the Dark One. Will their faith be strong enough for them to prevail?

Join them as they embark on their journey to the lair of the beast knowing they may never return.


Author of the week – Tanya R. Taylor!

Tanya R. Taylor

Tanya R. Taylor

She has been writing ever since she could remember holding a pencil and published her first book titled: ‘A Killing Rage’ as a young adult.

Her latest book, ‘Haunted Cruise: The Shakedown’ was released on May 22, 2016. It has been described as, “…disturbing, evocative, well-written, with a fast-paced twisty plot, and Dellie is a remarkable protagonist you will not soon forget”.

Tanya writes in various genres including: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Thrillers, Science-fiction, Mystery and Suspense. Inserting otherworldly events into many of her books just seems natural to her.

Real Illusions IV: WAR ZONE (The Finale)

Real Illusions IV: WAR ZONE (The Finale) by [Taylor, Tanya R.]


Solange, sister of billionaire Trent Matheson, is extradited to France to face charges of First Degree Murder. She leaves behind a city under siege by ghastly, mysterious forces that will stop at nothing to retrieve what they claim is rightfully theirs. Solange is oblivious to what is really going on and to the true identity of her newly-found sibling. She has no idea that the worst day of her life could very well turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Disturbed by brutal happenings at home and the current plight of his sister, Trent is pulled in opposite directions. In the end, his decision to support one will firmly and forever seal the fate of those he truly loves the most.

#Afternoon Feature

Silver: A BWWM Sci-Fi Romance (Beastly Bites Book 1)

by Siren Allen

Silver: A BWWM Sci-Fi Romance (Beastly Bites Book 1) by [Allen, Siren]

All Malia Valdese wants to do is survive in the Outlands and serve food to the patrons of her diner. She doesn’t want anything to do with the handsome silver-eyed stranger who keeps showing up after closing time, asking her weird questions and making her feel something she hasn’t felt in years, desire.

She doesn’t care that he’s the sexiest male she’s ever seen or that he stares at her like she’s the main course. Steering clear of him is her plan. Well, it was the plan, before he turned her world upside down with four words…. You’re coming with me.
Apparently she has no say in the matter.

She’s not on the menu. But she’s what he hungers for.
Her scent tells him she’s his and the wanted pictures popping up all over the dark-net tells him he needs to lay low for a while. Having her next to him in bed while he tries to clear his name is the plan. Unfortunately, his enemies are closer than he thought and now they’ve found his weakness…. her.

Can he shield his mate from the consequences of his dark past? Or will she flee to his enemies to escape him and the intense emotions he stirs inside of her?

No matter what she chooses, he has no intention of letting her go… ever.


Semi-Human #NewReads

Semi-Human: Book Two (Mostly Human 2)

by Antoinette Houston

Semi-Human: Book Two (Mostly Human 2) by [Houston, Antoinette]

Honey was finally seeing and feeling the side effects of the Celestial parasites that Det. Kiet introduced to her system in order to ‘help’ her. The Tkmaortians parasites were supposed to make the fusions easier, to strengthen her body. So she found herself considering getting closer to Sammus, but Jet’s new information was causing her to put the brakes on her budding relationship even with Sammus’ being ready to dive head first into commitment. In the middle of that confusion, Honey is suddenly faced with the Dashoue challenge initiated by Evvie and must fight to defend her honor, and her mating.

Despite her surface bravado, Evvie was full of doubt about the challenge. She felt she had to come up with another way to prove she could be a star too. Will her ill-considered plans boost her popularity, or destroy her career?

The attraction between San and Jelia was becoming too strong for them to ignore. Jelia’s father was taking notice, and his opinion wasn’t a favorable one. San must come up with a solution before the Alpha took steps of his own.

Bo couldn’t believe how easy it was to ruin Jet’s idyllic life, chipping away at Jet’s already decaying relationship with his children. But soon Bo began questioning his plan as he grew more attached to Honey. Could he stick to the plan, or would his emotions lead to mistakes that would ruin his revenge?