Evening Feature

Electric: The Holidays, Book 5

by Carly Compass

Electric: The Holidays, Book 5 by [Compass, Carly]

We find the widow, Gina Parrot in over her head with a cast of suspicious characters; the stripper, Carlotta Vanburen and the mysterious businessman, Don Redmen are wining and dining her, whisking her away to the luxurious world of the rich and famous. The question is why? Detective Casey has some ideas and with the help of FBI Agent Charles, he means to solve the mystery of the Gardening Website that proves with a little digging to be anything but organic. Can Brad and Vladimir now defending their lives in the spiritual realm save Gina and expose the truth of how they both died, in this paranormal adventure that leads to an international crime syndicate.


Afternoon Feature

The Tale of Old Man Fischer

by Russell

Something is wrong in Shane’s neighborhood. As he unravels the mystery behind the animal disappearances–that have occurred over several decades–the signs lead him to the listless Old Man Fischer. One night, he and his mother visit the elderly man, who then tell them a tale about his childhood and life as a researcher at the university. As he shares his life, Old Man Fischer describes the opportunity to be on a spectacular new project in Central America. Along with his new wife, the objective is to catalogue new species in the canopies of the Costa Rican rainforest. However, the eruption of Mount Arenal shakes the country. Upon the demands of the university, he must take Jillian and his team to explore a new region that was unearthed from the explosion. As its wonder easily engulfs him, tragedy quickly strikes which leaves his wife in a catatonic state. Over the next few days as more animals are disappearing, Shane laments over the man’s life in the rainforest and questions the event at the volcano. What are you hiding, Old Man Fischer? He finally asks himself and realizes that the answers lie in the man’s house! In a roller coaster of an ending, Shane will discover Old Man Fischer’s secrets and uncover the mystery in his neighborhood after all these years…

Morning Feature


BloodGifted (The Dantonville Legacy Urban Fantasy Romance Series Book 1)


BloodGifted (The Dantonville Legacy Urban Fantasy Romance Series Book 1) by [Lacoba, Tima Maria]

Being unable to age is just the beginning.

What if you had the power to lift an ancient curse but at a frightening price? Primary school teacher Laura Dantonville’s ordinary life comes to an end when she learns her family’s ancestral legacy, and a shocking secret that explains her strange inability to age.
Propelled into a violent underworld ruled by magic, murder and mystery, and stalked by vampire clans who covet the rare gift her blood bestows, Laura has to consent to the protection of a guardian – Alec Munro, powerful leader of the Dantonville clan. Despite a powerful attraction between the two, she discovers a far more intimate association between them is necessary if she is to end the curse that has plagued her family for centuries.
With time running out, Laura must decide to which world she belongs – human or vampire? Can she tread a delicate path between the two? Or will her fate – and that of her family – be decided by her police detective boyfriend, Matt Sommers, who is determined to destroy anyone who stands between him and Laura?