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Long Stories Short: A collection of short stories

by Karen Black

Long Stories Short: A collection of short stories by by [Black, Karen]

Long Stories Short is a collection of short stories, which includes several previously published readers’ favorites. Written in a variety of genres, many with a touch of paranormal, there is something for almost everyone who enjoys taking time out from life’s demands to escape into the realm of literature. Expect the unexpected.
A house fire causes tragedy in “Aftermath.” “Magic or Miracles” takes the reader on a journey to decide if there’s a difference. How long is “Forever?” Mark and Erin discover the power of the Ouija Board, in “You Summoned Me.” Does Bigfoot exist? Eli believes so and “One Step at a Time” tells his story. Is there life after death? “A Candle in the Darkness” looks at both sides of the question. “Mountain Justice,” a story of domestic violence, friendship and a horse’s devotion might make you wonder how far you would go to save a friend’s life. A hasty decision has devastating results in “Unintended Consequences.” Dreams and reality collide in “The Hunted.” Man’s best friend proves that he truly is, in “Indisputable Evidence.”