Author of the Week – Rhonda Lott!

Rhonda Lott is a romance author. Her books fall primarily in the suspense, paranormal, and interracial romance genre.
Her stories are full of Sexy Alpha males and strong women making that sometimes perilous journey to find true love. Rhonda is a professional Nanny. Ironic that her stories have very adult themes. She lives in Atlanta Georgia with her husband, teenage daughter and twenty something son who loves to read her stories.

Killer Among Us (West Haven Series, book 1): Action, suspense, romance by [Lott, Rhonda]

They ditched the dead body right before her eyes. Raven Phillips was searching for her runaway sister in the small town of West Haven, but what she found there was far more deadly and bizarre than she ever imagined and her overwhelming attraction for the town’s handsome Sheriff was definitely not what she wanted or needed.
Sheriff Carter Reynolds’ life was perfect, until dead bodies started turning up in his town. She walked into his office, captivating him and making the hunt for the killer personal.
Now they are caught up in the hunt for a killer with a mission to purge the world of sinners. They have no clue who he is, only that, he walks among them.