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Wrath of the King (Tales of Dovewood Book 2)

by Anna B. Madrise

Wrath of the King (Tales of Dovewood Book 2) by [Madrise, Anna B.]

The Hobgoblin Queen finds that time is stacked against her to master her newly, acquired magic all while preparing for the impending war with New Taleggia. In a final plea to bring the Trow home to Boggleann, she strikes a deal with those malevolent shadows hoping that her bargain does not cost her the very souls that she is trying to protect.
Lorcan, brother to Javen, and once a Book Mage to The Order, has turned his back on Nettlespire deciding that King Vezzen holds the key to his own quest for unlimited power. He realizes early on that the greedy king is easy to manipulate thus setting into motion his ambitions to steal from the king that which he desires most.
King Vezzen, the supreme authority over all of New Taleggia and the town of Bettelburghal is bitter that his rule extends no further. Trapped on the island of Dovewood, he is obsessed with claiming the rest of its land, and tapping into the untold, magical treasures that await him deep in the mountains of Boggleann; home of the goblin-demons which he plans to destroy. With a single, Simulacrum ring in his possession and the knowledge of how to use it, King Vezzen decides the time has come to smite his enemies once and for all thus ushering in a new era that could change the fate of all who live on Dovewood Island.