Author of the week! Mike C. Smith!

Mike Smith

Author of ‘How to e-books’ and promoter of Indie authors through Marketing and promotion of author’s books has become a major part of my life, one that I enjoy very much, helping authors is very rewarding and yes it is demanding.

I write about places and people; about what I believe is fair and right. I write to encourage people to develop lifestyles that inspires and fulfills them. I like to see people succeed; to make the most of their gifts and talents. My views and beliefs sometimes show on my sites. Click here .

My work sites are about creating lifestyle with interest in renewable energy stress and eye problems.

I love to travel and was fortunate to spend six months in 2012 traveling around Israel, Greece, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain and the UK. The high light of the trip was Israel, it is an amazing country, one I highly recommend with it’s history, cultures and it’s people. Get yourself a copy of ‘Touring Israel’ by The Traveler. available at Amazon