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Birth of a Vixen (Shadow Faith) (Volume 1)

by Colleen Tews

Birth of a Vixen (Shadow Faith Book 1) by [Tews, Colleen]

Angela Vista has spent her entire undead life as a puppet, possessed by her dead sadistic sire. Dress a certain way. Be seen not heard. Kill in ways that makes Angela wish God gave a shit about the damned.
Until a revolution against the Cabal Ministry breaks out, led by Lucian, a master over shadows. When this cunning and intuitive vampire enters her world Angela’s freedom comes at last. Lucian helps Angela evolve into a new person, learn the subtle art of espionage, and captivates her heart. Should they succeed Angela and Lucian will conquer the largest vampire sect in the world, but can their romance survive when Angela’s main job is to seduce the enemy or will they die for treason?