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The Horses of Paiute Canyon (D. A. Grady’s Western Shorts Book 1)

by D. A. Grady

The Horses of Paiute Canyon (D. A. Grady's Western Shorts Book 1) by [Grady, D. A.]

It’s late spring, and the last of the early blooming desert plants in Nevada are at their best. Battered and bruised, Jim Crenshaw rides away from his past and onto the Diamond G ranch, where he seeks employment – not as the foreman he is, but as a simple cowboy.

Not much later, he finds himself on a two week trip, riding the fence line with only his animals, unaware and unprepared for what awaits him. Paiute Canyon hieroglyphics, a stubborn mule, and a terrorized dog all fail him, as he faces the approaching unknown.

A veteran cowboy himself, From Gents’ Pens author D. A. Grady has applied simple, direct language in the telling of this story that he has written in honor of those men, who still wear boots and spurs, and their animals.