Afternoon Feature

The Cayman Protocol

by Henry O. Williams

The Cayman Protocol by [Williams, Henry O.]

Where greed and money laundering prevail, corruption and violence thrive… Victor Adeboye, the managing director of a bank in Nigeria, has no idea what’s in store for him when he becomes involved with highly connected businessmen in facilitating the laundering of money diverted from funds earmarked for government contracts. He is drawn into a world of intrigue and mayhem that touches everyone around him, including his immediate family. And he is in constant motion, trying to evade those who are trying to run him down to get access to the money laundered in a banking facility on the Cayman Islands. There are others who need to keep him alive, as he is the beacon to their money—yet they want him dead to avoid their indictment by an anticorruption agency. Victor must try to stay alive while frantically maneuvering to keep his share of the loot and stay a step ahead of his nemeses in this adrenaline-fueled journey through the USA, the Cayman Islands, and cities all throughout Nigeria.