Author of the week – India Taylor!

India Taylor

India Taylor

Her favourite genre is horror, but it doesn’t have to be scary horror, she enjoys supernatural romance almost as much, but every so often she has to scratch the itch and let the ghosts out. She often gets her ideas for stories when she goes derelict house hunting; she loves nothing more on a Sunday morning than to go urban exploring. There’s nothing like a spooky old house to make you feel young again; she admits: “I’m still a Scooby Doo fan.”

All Change: Bite Me #1

All Change: Bite Me #1 by [Taylor, India]

Saffron’s life is turned upside down when she gets bitten by a strange girl. Nothing can prepare her for the events about to unfold. When the boy of her dreams, and most people’s nightmares, falls for her they quickly realise that they are natural enemies by design.
The supernatural world has never been so exciting and so incredibly dangerous. Shifters, vampires and fey get together to fight the corruption that holds the country captive, and only a Saffron holds the key. The real question is, whose side are the angels on?
Bite Me: All Change is the first in the Bite Me series. Enter the supernatural world and you’ll discover romance, passion, horrors and fear. There is no escape.