Evening Feature

The Dead Game

by Susanne Leist

The Dead Game by [Leist, Susanne]

Linda moves to the seaside town of Oasis in Florida to escape a tragedy in her life. She opens a bookstore and makes new friends. Life is simple–that is until the dead body washes up on shore. She is horrified to find that the police and residents have been covering up evidence of dead bodies and disappearances for years.
Dark shadows begin to stalk Linda and her friends. But this is only the beginning. They receive unsigned invitations to a party at End House, a mansion overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Afraid to go but curiosity aroused, they attend the party. No one is there to greet them but revolving rooms and dangerous traps. Two of their friends remain trapped in the house. Or so they think.
Determined to find their friends and unmask the new owner of End House, they embark on a difficult journey, not knowing whom to trust, to uncover the one controlling the game and everyone in town.Who are The Dead? Are they humans or vampires, or a combination of both? Will there be an end to the evil game? Will Linda and Todd find love? Will a second book be needed?



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