Semi-Human #BK2

Book Two of the Mostly Human Series.

Semi Human cvr4

Bo’s plans to destroy Jet’s ‘perfect’ life were coming together nicely. Gaining Honey’s trust was going to be easy. Driving a wedge between Sammus and Jet was going to be even easier. And Jelia, poor confused Jelia, was making what would’ve been the most difficult part of his scheme the easiest of all.

San, feeling more like an outcast than ever, puts himself through torture as he fights the pull toward a forbidden love. And she was determined to make it difficult. Jelia found herself changing, but was it for the better or worse? She wanted to be like her Ebee friends, let her heart have what it wanted, but her sense of duty to her clan and father was making it difficult. She wanted to do the right thing, but for whom?

Honey is feeling the effects from the TKs infecting her body, making her stronger but less…human. Changes begin as soon as they get groundside and her doubts about being with Sammus grow. Sammus is resolute in mating her. But because of his father’s interference, yet again, will Sammus be able to handle Honey’s attempts to sabotage their relationship for his sake?