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Vampire for Hire: Vampires She Wrote (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Secret Chronicles of Fang Book 1)

by Eve Paludan

Vampire for Hire: Vampires She Wrote (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Secret Chronicles of Fang Book 1) by [Paludan, Eve]

VAMPIRE FOR HIRE: VAMPIRES SHE WROTE (The Secret Chronicles of Fang – Book 1) is a licensed Kindle Worlds novel with characters from J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire series. VAMPIRES SHE WROTE stars the tall, dark and dangerous vampire, Fang, and features his best friends, Samantha Moon, vampire-for-hire private investigator, and her boyfriend, Kingsley Fulcrum, werewolf lawyer. A classic vampire also guest stars.

Fang runs a secret, members-only club for vampires where blood is on tap and all hell is about to break loose. When drop-dead-gorgeous Justine Black walks into Fang’s Place, she reveals that a crime happened to her there. Fang offers to help find the perp who broke rule number one—and gets caught in the middle of a centuries-old turf war between two ancient, powerful vampires.

The stakes are raised when Fang breaks rule number two—he becomes an accidental vampire hunter and unleashes a maelstrom of evil that he cannot defeat alone. Though Justine is as loving as she is lethal, Fang’s dark secret threatens their future. And she has secrets, too.

In VAMPIRES SHE WROTE, Fang and Justine must risk everything in the battle to save not only their own undead existence, but the lives of innocent mortals. When they are each faced with a choice between duty or love, the paths they choose could destroy everything…

VAMPIRES SHE WROTE is the first novel of The Secret Chronicles of Fang, a series set within the licensed Kindle World of Vampire for Hire characters created by J. R. Rain, bestselling paranormal mystery romance author.

Author Eve Paludan lives in Mesa, Arizona, where she writes fiction. She also enjoys swimming, researching the paranormal world, and reading urban fantasy, mysteries and romance.