Evening Feature

Red Summer: An Urban Fantasy

by Antoinette Houston

Red Summer: An Urban Fantasy by [Houston, Antoinette]

Rita ‘Red’ James can manipulate fire.
As the summer progresses Rita finds it harder to control her growing abilities. So she looks to her past for answers and stirs up more trouble than she alone can handle. And no matter how she tries to subdue it the past refuses to be hidden away any longer. Nightmares begin to plague her affecting her already messed up life with changes that begin to concern her friends and family.

Nikki thought he was having a nervous breakdown.
He was suddenly able to feel the emotions of others and found himself reliving memories from lives that couldn’t be his, but he knew they were. Memories that included not only himself but his friends as well. They hadn’t aged.

Bobby had hidden them away for their own good.
To keep them out of reach of the true danger that could turn them against each other and destroy them all. He did it because of love. Or so he thought. How little he truly knew. But it was all coming to light soon. The reason for their hiding was waking and soon he would come for them all.