Author of the week – Dianne Astle!

Dianne Astle

Dianne Astle

Dianne says, “It seems I have always been drawn to dragons. There is the dragon tea pot, with a spout that doesn’t really work. There is the dragon necklace. And the only stuffed toy I’ve ever bought for myself was a dragon. Someone once asked me what kind of animal. There was a look of shock on her face when I said dragon. So it only makes sense that when I write a book there would be dragons in it.”

Ben the Dragonborn (The Six Worlds Book 1) by Dianne Astle

Few people on earth know the location of a mysterious school where heroes of the past train those who belong to the future. Ben Taylor only learns of the school’s true purpose when he is called into the Principal’s office. Miss Templeton gives him a simple test to see if he is a Chosen of the Guardian. That very day Ben is sent through a portal to a watery world of mermaids and monsters. “Has a mistake been made?” This is the question on everyone’s mind, including Ben’s. Ben’s only chance of success depends on discovering the secret of his own true self in a terrifying world where nightmares come to life.