Bonny Moseley, Proofreader

The Power of Proofreading

You’ve written a book! Congratulations! Now what? Whether you’re ready to submit to agents or are prepping to self-publish, you need a proofreader. No writer can catch every single mistake in their own writing, and even if you’ve sent your book to beta readers and critique partners, odds are good there are still some stubborn mistakes in there to catch your readers’ eyes.

That’s what I’m here for. I’m not going to read your book for themes, plot, or character development. I’m going to take what you’ve written, what you’ve revised again and again, and polish it to a high sheen before you move on to the next level.

A New Adult, Urban Fantasy for #99cents!


Red Summer – An Urban Fantasy


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Rita ‘Red’ James can manipulate fire. As the summer progresses Rita finds it harder and harder to control her growing abilities. Her abilities begin to bring strange dreams of some sadistic freak-boy that wants nothing more than to suck her dry of her ability and life. A boy that she knows from a past that’s been somehow hidden, but no longer. And she’s not alone in this craziness, her guardian, her new boyfriend, his best friend and her bff, are all involved. As memories and abilities reveal themselves, will they be able to cope with the truth of their past? Will they be able to get adjusted to the truth before the real danger come for them?
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Afternoon Feature

Witch Bones (Witch Detectives #4): A Paranormal Mystery Romance Novel by [Paludan, Eve]

Elle Chambers is an enchantress, a witch whose powers focus on the manipulation of emotions. Some might even call her an emotion vampire. Elle makes her living as an insurance claims investigator who solves cases using supernatural means. Her sidekicks include a beguiling sexy enchanter, a spell witch who alternates between nemesis and friend, a werewolf legal advisor, and a pregnant goblin—creatures who add even more bewitching charm to the mix of paranormal mystery and magical mayhem.

When an ancient relic of Scotland goes missing and Elle’s powerful enchanter boyfriend, Niall, is the prime suspect, Elle travels to the Outer Hebrides with Fergie the werewolf, Rebecca the spell witch, and three goblins to meet a very special client, one who will change her path. Forever.

Elle is determined to learn the truth about herself, her beloved Niall, the coven, her dead mother, and the missing relic, no matter how terrifying it all is. What she learns could destroy all that she holds dear. Above all, Elle and her motley entourage of magical beings must recover the powerful relic before it’s too late. For all of witchdom.

New Space Opera!

Honey Cantrell quickly goes from being a normal geek to becoming the captain of an extraterrestrial ship. The dream of most sci-fi geeks everywhere, just not like this. On top of that, the thing that put her in the position, an orb meant to enhance her vitality, has been tampered with and is now preparing to splice her with the DNA of who knows how many other different species from all over the galaxies! Along with that is the drama she’s got to deal with while training along side her Celestial partner, who’s decided to involve her in a ridiculous mating ritual. Jealous classmates that make everything so much worse by thinking she’s out to hurt her alien partner and a revenge plot that has absolutely nothing to do with her! All she wants is to be left alone.
#SpaceOpera #AAFiction

Featured book of the afternoon!

The Witch Mark


The Witch Mark by [Connor, Alexandra]

‘Two sisters, three years apart in age, and a hundred years apart in appearance.’

Throughout their childhood, Alison stood in golden light, centre stage, while Jill, blinking through heavy spectacles, looked on . . . The torment of jealousy raged on and even as they grew to adulthood, it seemed that the path fate had charted for her beautiful sister was smooth, straight, and clear. There was some peace as their grandmother tried to make up to Jill and gradually, she resigned herself to staying in her sister’s shadow, playing out the role of the ‘other sister’.

Alison travelled the world much in demand as a model, returning home only occasionally and Jill found a job as an assistant to an eccentric archaeologist. She found some measure of contentment that way until she fell hopelessly in love with Mark Ward . . .