Author of the week! Nicholette Campbell

Nicholette Campbell

Most have said ” if I knew my child didn’t suffer, then maybe, I’d be able to come to terms with the death.” I decided to write a book that offered a possible alternative to the end they feared. I chose two of those friends to be my Beta readers and both have said, they found comfort in the book.
The main purpose in writing Soul Chaser was to offer comfort to anyone who’s faced the very place I’d never want to visit. The death of any child is an unbearable thought however, if “Soul Chaser” helps just one person cope, then the message of hope was heard loud and clear.

Soul Chaser: Raven's Journey

Soul Chaser: Raven’s Journey

If you could spare a child her death, would you do it? What if saving her life meant relinquishing your own? And, if you were told the fate of your soul depends on your choice, would it affect your decision?

In Soul Chaser, these are the questions sixteen-year-old Raven Bishop must struggle with every day. She has been chosen, by divine force, to carry out a bizarre paranormal assignment: following her own untimely death, she is given new life, which she can then surrender to spare a child from experiencing death. And with each new death…she is once again given new life and yet another opportunity to die for an innocent child’s sake.

For Raven—as it would be for anyone in her place—this is an assignment that is easier said than done, especially as a self-absorbed teenager. But youth is the least of her concerns and is no excuse. Indeed the very fate of her soul depends on her ability to break free from her self-centered tendencies and better understand obedience and the true meaning of selflessness. Can she complete her mission, or is her soul in danger of condemnation?