Author of the Week! Chad Dennis

Chad Dennis

I don’t have any pretentious titles to wow and amaze you with so you won’t hear how I attended Harvard, got a degree in astro physics, and lecture at the University on quantum physics. I’m a Dad, a former U.S. Marine that has been all around the world, a musician, and a blue collar worker with a love for theology; but at the end of the day I’m just an everyday guy with a vivid imagination that loves to read and write.

Cast the First Stone (The Road to Redemption Saga Book 1)

When Alistair Cowley threw himself from the roof of the tallest building in Lima, Ohio to escape his life, he never dreamed that anyone would save him, let alone a demon! Now, possessed by the wisecracking demon, Uriazel, Alistair finds himself embroiled in a battle against the forces of Hell in an attempt to save the very world he once sought to escape.


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