Author of the week! Martha Fawcett

Martha Fawcett

Martha was born an Aquarian in the heart of the American Midwest. Growing up in Tiffin, Ohio, in the middle of the Twentieth Century, it was a hotbed of “Alien Invasion” stories, rumors about “Area 51,” and tales of a mysterious race of humanoids called, “The Grays.” With the powerful genetic influence of the Fawcett storytellers in her blood, Martha became a writer of science fiction.

The Permeable Web of Time: Sequel to the Janaforma Trilogy

Simon Forma, creator of the Janaforma combined and modified the Human and Tyrowsian genome to create the prototypical Janaforma race. Now, in its fifteenth generation, the Janaforma remain robust and adaptable and they take joy in their sexual triadic natures where one can be born, not as a male or female, but as a life giver, livebearer, or consort. Their lives continue to be guided by their 3C gene, which manifests through the Janaforma as the sacred principals of Community. To the Janaforma, Community is an undeniable space within each soul, a synergistic melange of altruism, self-sacrifice, and loyalty.
Jana Sante is a Janaforma lifegiver and gifted psychic that lives aboard the starship, La Ventana. At 27 bio-years of age, Sante’s fears are visceral as le (he/she) grapples with the responsibility of knowing too much. When Sante meets the brilliant and charismatic consort, Miro Rugen, Sante senses big changes are brewing in the Orion Spur. A few hours later, the enigmatic Evose Bogwa arrives aboard La Ventana and begins making many demands on Sante’s psychic prowess. These demands will lead Sante on a mind-altering and transformational journey through The Permeable Web of Time.
Please activate your seat restraints. We’re seconds from lift-off.