Mirror Girls Kindle Edition by Amelie Rose

#Deal 5*s ~”A tantalising frolic into the vagaries of love.” Mirror Girls http://amzn.to/206nBk8  Jan 30-Feb 3rd

Indi Falcone, owner of the popular Auckland book store, Romantic Hours, is writing her own romance. But there is a problem. She is having trouble creating a believable hero. When she joins a friend on a tropical island holiday, thinking a change of scenery might fix the problem, an encounter with a stranger, who is not in a good mood and appears to think she is someone else, does nothing for her previously calm and happy disposition.
And then she is presented with a striking look-alike of herself. Can things get any weirder? The look-alike, Ginni Hunter, is a model on assignment and her photographer is the same grumpy stranger Indi keeps having encounters with.

#FREE Jan 30 – Feb 3rd Mirror Girls by Amelie Rose (@busywritershttp://amzn.to/206nBk8  #BZbooks @beezeebooks