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Eve Paludan

Eve Paludan

Eve Paludan writes fiction and edits for other bestselling authors. She enjoys reading mysteries and romances, and taking scenic photos.  Follow Eve  on Facebook, on Twitter and on


Anna. A young horror author who crashes funerals
Megan. A psychic teen who sees dead people
Harper. A hunky, offbeat mortician with a thing for Anna

A rising horror author once thought the paranormal world was just fiction. Well, now she knows the truth, firsthand…

Anna Calvert is a rising young horror author with a ragdoll cat and a secret obsession with funerals. Far from being a death wish, she finds inspiration in funerals for her writing—she also finds them therapeutic for a frightening event in her past that she fears is still not over.

Anna has a stalker. But who is he? And will the threat from a human pale in comparison to a malevolent spirit that has latched itself onto her and once again, turned her home into a haunted house?

Every day that goes by, the threat to her life increases. Can Anna, Megan and Harper work together to battle the growing threats to her personal safety before it’s too late? And just how far will this evil spirit go to get exactly what it wants from Anna?