Wonderlost (A Fantasy on Wattpad) by Antoinette J. Houston


Today was Tirin Desgjin’s birthday. The one that made her officially an adult. Not that it mattered as being the only human in an elven province did not grant her any favors. All she wanted was to be accepted. Having never met another Human, being elf-like was all she knew. But her birthday brings circumstances she didn’t figure in. Elven rituals would advertise her magyk and humans with magyk wasn’t something to celebrate. On top of that was the dramatics brought on by Darrek — one of her so called suitors, Tyrus — her self-appointed guard and the truth about her ‘adoptive father’, Baelor. As she tries to escape the growing problems by making her way out of the elven city she is accidentally kidnapped. Will she be able to survive what is in store for her outside of the Elven city of Ao’lean?