The Red Summer Series by Antoinette J. Houston


Red Summer -Rita James can manipulate fire. As The summer progresses Rita finds it harder and harder to control her growing abilities.

Wil's new cover
Wil’s Winter #RS2 -Wil thought they could start over. Create a new life like normal people. But even small towns can have major drama.

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MIRANDA BAY By Susan Tarr Miranda is faced with turning an old  sanatorium into a viable tourist resort @SusanMTarr

Miranda, a quirky, bloody-minded and loveable young woman, splurges her inheritance on a pile of sagging architecture in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, simply because it bears her name. The now not-so-proud owner of the old Miranda Bay Sanatorium must somehow turn it into a profitable beach resort. An hilarious, heart-stopping, tragi-comic romp through her buying experience. She knows little about running a business and depends heavily on loyal cousin Pansy’s expertise.
In her frantic drive for success, Miranda succumbs to her booze stash, hires a motley collection of workers including the local drunk to get cracking on the property.

Brace yourself for an hilarious, tragi-comic romp, full of intrigue and even terror, as Miranda battles through her buying experience. There’s both an emotional and tender unfolding of events as we join a young woman’s roller coaster ride in the face of financial ruin. A novel to laugh and cry over, witty and wicked…

Voices by P. S. Winn Voices by P. S. Winn is a suspense-filled novel centering on a small town community in West Virginia @pswinnauthor

Some one is killing the down and out who drink down in the mine tunnel. The sheriff of a small town is at his wits end. A few clues might be nice, but Sheriff Hamlin is having a hard time finding any and he has a few other problems to deal with.

A Space Opera by Antoinette J. Houston – Mostly Human

Mostly Human cover 1

Honey Cantrell was a comic book geek who enjoyed hanging out with her arcade-hopping friends. Then the aliens known as Celestials came, and Honey was thrust into a life she had never imagined.
Things got worse for Honey when one of seven Celestial Orbs chose her for a role she was not qualified for. The Celestials needed a captain for their massive ship, a ship with a mind of its own, and the Orb selected Honey.
Honey had barely adjusted to the new responsibility when her Orb revealed a new, darker secret.
Her humanity was at risk.
She had become the reluctant subject of an illegal experiment implemented by her Orb’s previous owner. Her body was changing and no one knew what to expect, least of all Honey. With her future up in the air, she is forbidden to share her secrets with anyone. Resenting the lack of control over her own life and her new responsibilities, she closes herself off. Honey tries to keep to herself…until she meets her new partner, Sammus. After that, she is forced to deal with unexpected feelings, jealous squad members, a plot for revenge, and a dangerous alien mating ritual.
All Honey wanted was to be invisible but it’s getting harder and harder. Can she build a relationship with Sammus? Trust her classmates? Lead a ship filled with aliens? Most importantly, can she learn how to thrive in this new body, now that she’s only Mostly Human? #AmWriting #BookBlast #Indie #SpaceOpera #Kindle #ASMSG #Scifi #sciencefiction #books #AntoinetteJHouston #IndieBooksBeSeen

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Rita James can manipulate fire. As The summer progresses Rita finds it harder and harder to control her growing abilities. Rita tries to keep it under control but the harder she tries the more obvious it becomes that something is wrong. Her weird mood swings and strange behavior alarms her guardian, Thomas, who knows more about her past than she does. A past that refuses to be hidden away any longer and quickly involves her best friend Ingrid, her boyfriend, Wil, and his best-friend, Nikki. As memories and abilities reveal themselves will the four be able to cope with the truth of their past? Will they be able to get adjusted to the truth before the real danger come for them?