Wil’s Winter by Antoinette J. Houston

Wil's new cover

Wil thought they had gotten through the hard part.
Jason was gone and Bobby was no longer an interference. He and Rita were happy and free of their sordid past. She had even stopped setting random fires.
In reality, they were about to get involved in a whole new supernatural adventure.
They had gotten closer, Rita became more open with her feelings as they traveled further and further away from Georgia. They hopped from one motel to another, never staying in a town longer than a few months. Until they got to Horsenose. It was a stupid name for a nowhere, one-road town. Wil figured this was the place to start anew, to make a home. And for a while it was. But even small towns can have big-city drama and Horsenose was no exception. With nosy town-folk and Rita’s persistent admirer causing trouble, it isn’t long before things come to a boiling point for Wil again. Things only get worse as they are revisited by their past and the town’s residents start sharing their own paranormal secrets.
Not to mention that Bobby isn’t exactly out of the picture after all.
Winter is coming and it was going to be a long one.

Wil’s Winter by Antoinette J. Houston http://ow.ly/QdcOG   His plans include retribution and plenty of pain.@1975Okame  #BZbooks