My son is in Day ‘camp’ and he’s happy!  That makes me happy too.  No issues when i left him.  And my new hobby, Leather-crafting, is coming along.  Starting with the little stuff.  Handmade bookmarks to add to my Swag-bag, that’s the plan. 

5 Stars!

I’ve been told so far that folks really like my book: Red Summer!  One of the readers that I sent a book to has recently posted her review of my story and will also be posting a longer review on her blog:   She gave me 5 Stars!!  It’s been a great couple of days thus far!  Great turn out on the last interview I had with BBB (Bitten By Books).  The winners of the contest got either a $25 gift card to Walmart or Amazon.  I thought it was fun!  I’m planning on another contest to help promote my book further, along with a few others.  this means I need to get to work!

But I’m really excited!  I got an editor and she’s looking over Red Summer now.  Hopefully I’ve worked hard enough to fix what i could see to the point where I haven’t embarrassed myself too much.  I also hope she herself likes the book enough to give it a review.  Or at least just like it.

Well, it’s back to work!Red_Summer med-sm